Friday, 27 March 2009


It seems like I have abandoned this blog but I definitely did not....I just was very busy creating a support group and website on a very dodgy laptop that slowly falls apart!!!I miss some buttons on the keyboard and the mouse doesn't work properly anymore...that's what happens if little hands get a hold of it!!

Anyway somehow I have managed to get it done and we are now live!!

The name is Congenital Heart Defects N-Ireland ( CHD-NI ) and it is launched yesterday can find it on

Although it is based in N-Ireland it welcomes heart parents from everywhere so please join if you want. I am still working on it so bear with me...I should get my new laptop today hopefully and that would help a great deal!!

Dounya, my inspiration to all of this, is doing great.She makes her presence very well heard and loves to sit next to me while I am typing away.

In fact everybody in our family is doing great and I am feeling blessed and happy!!

I need to catch up with a lot of blogs ....So I am off reading

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