Monday, 13 April 2009

Miss Dounya

Some pics taken just a couple of days ago.

Overall she is doing fine, just I noticed the last couple of days that she makes a strange sound when she is breathing in her sleep, which she did not do before. Hopefully it's just a stuffed nose or something like that but I am keeping a close eye and if it doesn't go I will go to see the GP this week.

Easter was great fun...we baked some buns with the kids, did an egg hunt and went to Peatlands park were they had a spring event with all kind of activities. The kids loved it !!
Luckily the weather was kind to us and there was plenty of sunshine . Of course the grown ups were exhausted afterwards but the kids can they have so much energy????I want to know the secret because I can use some!!

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Awesome Mom said...

Cute pictures!! I wish I knew where kids got their energy from, I suspect they steal it from us.