Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dounya's 1st cardiac appointment after her surgery and sadness in N-Ireland.

Yesterday Dounya went to Belfast to have her 1st cardiac appointment after her surgery. Although she is doing brilliant feeding wise and in her weight gaining , I was a bit nervous about this never know!! But thank god her heart is working well and she just has a slight leakage in her AV valve. But the doctor said that this is normal is after the kind of surgery

she had. They will keep an eye on it to make sure it will not increase. We also can stop giving her the diuretics which is great...she is now officially medicine free!! She has to come back in 4 months time so all in all it was a good appointment!!

It is a bit of an strange time now here in Northern-Ireland after everything that happenend in the last couple of days. Useless killings by a group of people for whom I really don't have a polite name to call them.. Why do they want to put people back in misery and sorrow?

I feel so sorry for the young men and the police officer that lost their lives and my thoughts are with their families.

The police officer was killed near where we live and close to the school my boys go.

It is sad to see the place where it happened...

The whole community here is feeling sad and angry over this because they went trough a lot during the Troubles and they certainly don't want to go back to that time!

I have seen it only only on the telly when I was younger and still living in Holland but I have heard stories about it from people here and it was a terrible scary time...

Hopefully these horrible events will unite the people in Northern-Ireland in their effort to keep the peace process going.

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Em's way said...

Woohoo for Dounya, what a clever girl!! Fingers crossed she can stay med free and the leak does not get any worse.

You have just bought a lump to my throat. I hope and pray with all my being that peace can again be found in Northern Ireland, that these horrific events will not lead to a renewal of hostilities. Not just for the sake of peace for the people of Northern Ireland who deserve to live in peace, but also in memory of all those, of all sides, of all beliefs who died in the name of the troubles. I remember many events here in England of bombs and bomb scares, but whatever we suffered here is only a shadow of what was suffered in NI.

Huge hugs hun, may the peace remain always in your beautiful country xx