Thursday, 2 July 2009

Great cardiac appointment !!

Last Tuesday 30 June Dounya had her cardiac appointment in the Clark clinic and it went really well. Miss Curiosity was brilliant,lying very still but watching every singls move made..
They are very pleased with her: the leakage hasn't increased and her weight gaining and growth is very well! Next appointment in 6 months time woohoo!!
So the ferries are booked and coming Monday we will be off to Morocco, so my in laws can finally meet our amazing little lady!
We go by car as we usually do, so the holiday starts as soon as we leave already LOL

CHD-NI is growing..we have now a Constitution, 6 committee members in total and 3 fundraising events coming busy enough with all that but I go with a light heart because I know CHD-NI will be well looked after!!
So if you don't hear from me coming month you know where we are!!