Friday, 12 December 2008


We are still waiting for a bed to come free in the Royal. Every time a doctor comes in they put on a worried face even though she is looking better today and not as sweaty as she was before. Her breathing is still too fast and her liver still seems to be enlarged.
Dounya's pediatrician came to see her and was not happy that he was not informed she was admitted...for 2 weeks already!!!You know I was not all that keen on him but today I must admit he was quite different and maybe I have to review my opinion about him. The general opinion of all the doctors here in Craigavon is that surgery has to be brought forward, maybe as soon as around Christmas!!! They are not sure if it will be the one to repair or a temporarily( banding) surgery to give her the chance to grow more.I really hope it will be just the one off but as always: whatever is best for Dounya.
I hope after the weekend Dounya can be transferred to Belfast and hopefully a lot of things will be cleared up.

Today I went to see the Christmas play of Soufian where he played the role of one of the shepherds...sooo cute and it took for half an hour my thoughts of things.Jamal could not come along because Chadi is sick today and stayed at home. So I took Sanae along and she was having a great time!She kept saying she wants to do that too...Mmmm I hope she remembers that next year when she will go to nursery and really has to be in a play for Christmas!Santa has got all the presents for the kids which is a relief. Even when I will not be there but with Dounya in hospital we will try to carry on as normal as possible for them.
In the mean time...we keep on waiting...

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