Wednesday, 10 December 2008

heart failure

like the title says Dounya is in trouble a bit and her heart doesn't seem to cope very well at the moment. It is decided that she will be transfered as soon as a bed is free to the Royal in Belfast, which probably will be after the weekend. They have found fluid in her lungs, her liver is more enlarged and her breathing is even in rest far to fast. the spironolactone is now changed into Captopril and she is under watchful eyes.
I am quite shocked cuz she seemed to be on the road to come home soon but now I don't even think she will be here with Christmas. The doctor who saw her on his round of the ward this morning said he did not think she will reach the 5 kilograms before surgery. And the surgery itself might be brought foreward..I am a bit lost and find myself weepy every time...which is quite unhandy when every time somebody steps into the room and I don't want to show how upset I really am.
Want to put up my brave face but I am just too worried at the moment....
positive vibes welcome!!


Awesome Mom said...

I will be sending positive vibes over the ocean directly to you!

Rhys's Story said...

Sending lots of louve to you Alex and all your lovely family,,especially little Dounya,,come on sweetie be strong for mummy xxx