Monday, 15 December 2008

Dounya has been transferred!! the long awaited call from Belfast came...there was a bed free in the Clarke Clinic. I did not really expect it would happen today and even the medical staff were surprised but I was really happy!! Needed to get things organised quick though because I had the car and the boys had to be collected from school. So I went like Speedy Gonzales home, where i found that Jamal couldn't bring me back cuz Sanae was sick with got a cab, went back and heard that it still would be another 2 hours before the ambulance would come....
When they finally came they put her in her car seat on the stretcher and the sight was really funny.A tiny person on such a long stretcher!!
Dounya was looking around with big eyes and was enjoying all the attention she got. The nurses and doctors who were present in Craigavon came to say goodbye and wishing her well, She was like a little star ( which she is of course!!).
We have arrived safely and straight away you see the difference between Craigavon and Clarke Clinic..up here they are specialised in heart conditions and I know she is now in the safest hands possible. They have made an X-ray and listened to her heart and tomorrow they will do an echo.
Her breathing is still way too fast (88 p/min) but when you look at her she doesn't seem really bothered by it. They start to give her bolus feed instead of the continuous feed and possibly they will try again to offer the bottle and top up if necessary through the tube.
Dr. Craig came around and said they will see how she is coping with it all and have a talk with the surgeon about the surgery. They will not rush it only when it will be necessary, but they hope she can reach the 5 kilo before that. He also said that maybe she doesn't have to stay until surgery all depending on how she will do. I am not putting any hopes to that though.
Hopefully I have answers in a couple of days.
Fingers crossed again for GOOD news!

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