Friday, 5 December 2008

vomitting but smiling again

Dounya is still in hospital and has her happy face put up again. Her feeding is still not how it should be though. She hardly drinks out of the bottle and needs to get most of it through the tube. The doctors think it is because of the viral infection she suffered from and maybe that's why she still vomits some of her feed back.I don't think she will be out of hospital these coming I am racing between home, school and hospital again.I asked the doctor what would happen if she stays like this because the surgeon had told me that if she would get more trouble with feeding etc. the surgery might be sooner.He said that they would contact the Clark Clinic if her feeding would stay the same to see what they think of it. I just hope she will be out of hospital before Christmas. Would be nice if she could spend her first Christmas at home!!!

It is now a couple of hours later and they have decided to tube fed Dounya 24 hrs continuous because she either refuses the bottle or throws everything up again.. I don't know what is exactly wrong with her because she is looking and doing fine apart from the vomiting and not drinking.her temperature is also normal and she is bright and alert.Worries, worries worries...let's hope she is feeling better tomorrow

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