Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday morning does not mean having a quiet and lazy morning when you have 3 kids who get up at 6 am!!It is good in a way because I can get things done a bit early and leave for hospital. A lot of things are being put on a hold when Dounya is not here simply because I don't have the time at the moment.
Dounya has done well yesterday, no vomiting the whole day and night so far. I really hope the infection she had has cleared up and that we can try to offer her the bottle again alongside the tube.
Tomorrow The doctor will contact Clarke Clinic to see what they think of the situation. I asked what is own feeling was and his honest opinion was that surgery could be in January already.That is what I think and hope as well. Despite I am so scared about the actual operation I want her to be better and leave all this misery with feeding and weight gaining behind. I can just hope and pray that all goes smoothly and she recovers quickly. The surgeon is a very good one thank god, so I know she is in good hands.
My other children are not allowed on the ward because there is some nasty bug there.So they couldn't visit Dounya but I made photo's and video's of hr so they can see her from a distance. I did it also to prepare them in case she will come home with the NG tube. They are handling it well so far, but they really miss her. Every morning they ask where she is and when I answer she is still in hospital they are so disappointed. Chadi says we don't have a baby now, wee pet. He is so fond of his baby sister and wants her home (so he can kiss her again all over!!) Soufian is the one who understands she is there because she is not eating well and needs to get strong before her heart will be repaired. And Sanae says she is in hospital because her heart is broken....
I feel guilty towards them sometimes because I am not able to spend much time with them right now, although Jamal does. But he can't visit Dounya because he has to stay with them...difficult for all of us to be fair.But we will get through this ..some how you always find a way to cope with the things that are being thrown at you in life.

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Awesome Mom said...

What a cutie!!

Hang in there!!! I bet that the heart surgery will eventually help her eat better. It really is hard to eat when your heart is working so hard.