Tuesday, 2 December 2008

NG tube

Yesterday evening Dounya got the NG tube in and it was quite hard to watch.My little girl was screaming her eyes out... I have never seen her so mad!!It took a while before they got it in the right place. When the nurse extracted a sample from her stomach there was a bit of blood but the nurse told me that would be just a little trauma in the nose after the tube passed there.God..I want to learn to do it myself but this wasn't encouraging. Dounya was quite unsetteled afterwards, gagging and refusing her bottle but after an hour I could get her to drink.
Early in the morning she pulled the tube out though and it is still not back in.

She not herself today, crying a lot, feverish and quite cross. And that is not how she is normally, so I really think she caught some sort of bug.Her blood and urine will be tested so I hope to hear the results tomorrow.
Her feeding is up and down but she gets the 24 hrs target so that's good. Hope the fever is gone tomorrow and that I will get one of her lovely smiles again!

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