Tuesday, 18 November 2008

DOUNYA IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I could take Dounya home again... Yes !!!!

She was doing OK enough and the doctor would rather get her off the ward because there were so many children with all kind of bugs and we don't want her to get anything else. We were so happy to get her home again and the other kids were all excited!

Today however I needed to get her weighed again by the health visitor at my GP and to my disappointment she has lost 55 grams since Sunday. She asked me what I wanted to do..call my CLN for example. I thought it was better to call the ward were she was. The doctor on duty said not to worry to much about it and asked the health visitor to get her weighed again this Friday. So she will do that at my house.

IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I am doing the same routine like in hospital, every 3 hours day and night, 75 ml at least and this result??What is going wrong?? I start to think a NG tube might be better after all...I have never had this kind of stress before with my other kids and it is really hard sometimes! I want her to be chubby like all of them were but instead her skinny legs still are skinny and she looks like a newborn.
How many times people ask me how old she is and when I say she is 3 months you just see the surprise on their faces..like I am not feeding her properly..or whatever goes through their minds...I want to scream it out sometimes: DON'T JUDGE BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!
Frustrated, worried (AGAIN!!) but always hoping things will turn out right eventually that is me at the moment!

And Dounya....??Sound asleep and content like a little angel ...not a worry on her mind! Good girl!


Awesome Mom said...

I got these questions all the time. Some people just ask really dumb questions and don't know when to be quiet. Hang in there!

Posh Totty said...

Im pleased to hear she is home, as for the comments about her size, you do learn to ignore it after a while I promise, my lil man is 6 and no bigger than a 2 year old, so I am well and truely used to it by now. Thinking of you Xxx