Sunday, 16 November 2008

Finally I found some time to update Dounya's blog! The last couple of days I was just running between hospital, home, hospital, school and hospital again but don't think I start moaning now! It' s all part of the package when you have a heart child and although I wish it was not necessary for Dounya to be in hospital in the first place I would not want to do it any other way. But I am tired that is a fact.
Dounya though is our little fighter..''no tube for me, no way'' is what she got in her little head! Yesterday the doctor told me that if Dounya didn't get the required 75 ml in every 3 hours she would get the NG tube in today. And I really was wishing and hoping that she could manage that because I rather avoid the tube. If she was really having a lot of difficulties while drinking I wouldn't think twice about it but she is fairly quick with drinking whenever she is hungry. Sometimes she struggles a bit with the last 10/20 ml but if I give her a break she usually gets it all in. This morning the doctor was happy enough with her drinking and she has gained a whopping 105 grams in 3 days!That is a mayor step forward since last week with 40 grams in 7 days. I hope that it was just having the 3 vaccinations this week that has thrown her back a bit this week and that she will continue to gain like this.
Her Digoxin level in her blood was low so they have increased that a bit and tomorrow they will check her blood to see if it is on a good level again and they will check everything else as well.
Hopefully I can bring her home tomorrow when all is well but I don't know that for sure.
She is smiling away and is having little ''conversations'' with the doctors and nurses. something like rgrrrth..agu..agu... ooh.... Probably means something like ''are you done yet??''
Everybody is saying she is such a lovely baby, so settled and easy going ( which is great to hear and I know..hehehe) but then they spoil it by saying they might steal her...not once ... I have heard that now a dozen times..Very reassuring....NOT! Imagine what went through my head when they moved her Saturday morning to an other part of the ward without me knowing.........!!!!!
But serious, I know she in the best of hands and they are doing a great job so far!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!! I Hope

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Awesome Mom said...

I know how you feel about the tube but I must say it is also not the end of the world if she does need one. Evan had an NG tube for 14 months and a G-tube for less than a year. It was nice being able to relax about his eating, we knew that if he did not get all the food he needed he could get it overnight with his feeding pump. The added benefit is that he got his medication through the tube and it was easier to get him to take it that way.