Monday, 27 October 2008

I never thought this would be so much fun to do!! It is like a diary, but one I can share with you so you can keep track on Dounya's progression and see some of the insides of my hectic household. And hectic it can be...

Today I had put my mind on cleaning the house (again.....grrrr) from top to bottom.

Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother: As soon as Chadi and Soufian enter the house when they come back from school everything is turned upside down again. You find a trail of toys, crisps ( or cookies) and whatever else from their room to the living room and all the rooms in between. But I have introduced something new: CLEANING UP BEHIND YOU!! When I say it to Chadi he looks at me like I am speaking a foreign language but Soufian and Sanae are doing their best so I am happy enough ;-)

So I had my task set but our Sanae was not her self today...yep she too caught te bug which has a grip on our entire household these last weeks. So our little ray of sunlight had turned into a thundercloud this morning all weepy and grumpy. When she finally fell asleep on the sofa and Dounya as well in her basket I could get on with things. I was nearly finished when the phone rang and a lady of an organisation called Surestart asked if she could call around later in the afternoon to register me and see if there were some activities I would be interested in. It is an organisation who have all sorts of activities for babies and toddlers and their mums ( and dads).

So it sounded interesting enough and I agreed that she could come at 2.30 pm.

It was a very nice lady who worked as a health visitor as well . We talked about a lot of things like Douya her condition, Chadi's learning disabillities ( he has Asperger syndrom ) my working background in the Netherlands and courses I could follow here etc. and ofcourse about some activities I could do with Dounya and Sanae. They have playgroups for the wee ones while the mummy's can have a quiet cup of coffee, baby massage ( lovely for Dounya) dancegroups for toddlers and loads more. So I might try some out!!

Because she works as a health vistor as well she has seen quite a lot of babies with a CHD. I asked her if there was a support group here in N-Ireland, because I have searched but couldn't find an active one. And then she said : ' no there aren't any, but maybe they are waiting for you to start one!' and she said something else as well something about she could see I am a strong woman ( WHO, ME??)

I am not sure if I am but it is really nice when somebody thinks that of you. Since I am not working anymore and not doing some kind of study, sometimes I feel like I have come to a stand still. I would love to pick up some study in Social work again and go back to work. But at the moment those are things for the future, when Dounya has had her surgery and all is well.

And who knows...I might start a support group overhere in the future...:-)

To all who put a comment on this blog: THANK YOU I really like to read them so keep on doing it!!!

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