Thursday, 30 October 2008

Chadi and Soufian

Today it was parent/teacher interview at the primary school of Chadi and Soufian. Education is one of the things I find really important and I try to support my boys as much as I can, hoping that it will result in them enjoying school. I really think that the years in primary school are the most important because that is the time that you lay the basics.

My eldest son, Chadi, is diagnosed with Asperger syndrom which is a form of autism. To understand what this means I have copied some information about Asperger syndrom below

People with this condition have difficulties in three main areas.

social communication

  • have difficulty understanding gestures, facial expressions or tone of voice

  • have difficulty knowing when to start or end a conversation and choosing topics to talk about

  • use complex words and phrases but may not fully understand what they mean

  • be very literal in what they say and can have difficulty understanding jokes, metaphor and sarcasm.

social interaction

  • struggle to make and maintain friendships

  • not understand the unwritten 'social rules' that most of us pick up without thinking. For example, they may stand too close to another person, or start an inappropriate topic of conversation

  • find other people unpredictable and confusing

  • become withdrawn and seem uninterested in other people, appearing almost aloof
    behave in what may seem an inappropriate manner.

social imagination.

  • imagining alternative outcomes to situations and finding it hard to predict what will happen next

  • understanding or interpreting other peoples thoughts, feelings or actions. The subtle messages that are put across by facial expression and body language are often missed

  • having a limited range of imaginative activities, which can be pursued rigidly and repetitively eg lining up toys or collecting and organising things related to his or her interest.

    While there are similarities with autism, people with Asperger syndrome have fewer problems with speaking and are often of average, or above average,

So there you go...A lot of obstacles for Chadi to tackle.

He is at the same primary school as his brother just he is in a special learning support class for children with learning dificullties. He has been there since P1 ( he is now in p2) and will stay there until p4. And I think ,and so does his teacher, that he is doing really well at the academic part but his behaviour still needs to be improved. The same thing at home, because he can be a handfull ...well 3 handfulls even. But I see much progress since last year so keep up the good work little man!! We will get there!

Soufian is doing very well. He is really creative and very social and loves to try out things himself. It usually means that things what he gets his hands will be dismantled....or gets broken!!! ( MMM....... THAT IS EXPLORING THE WORLD AROUND YOU ...) But he is a great boy and really funny sometimes.

I am proud of my boys and I hope they will continue to do well.

Next year Sanae will join them at school when she will start nursery..I am looking forward to see how she will do!

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Posh Totty said...

My lil man also has aspergers syndrome, so I fully understand the daily battles both you and he have to face Xxx