Friday, 31 October 2008

happy haloween!

Today it is the 31st of october so that means 1 thing...HALLOWEEN!!! It is much more celebrated over here then in the Netherlands where hardly anyone put the effort in some
decorations around the house.
The kids were looking forward to it since the beginning of this month so a couple of weeks ago I have put the decorations in the house and bought them some dressing up clothes.

Soufian as a Vampire/devil, Sanae as a witch, Chadi as some scary monster/ master of the dark. ( the photo above was taken last week when they dressed up for fun ) and for Dounya a little bat suit.

They were so excited today at the whole dressing up/ Trick or treat thing!!!

So after tea ( for my dutch friends: that means dinner time ) I got them ready and put my witch hat on as well ( More I was not willing to do !!) and off we went in our neighbourhood. Chadi was the leader in this.....knocking the doors and shouting ''TRICK or TREAT '' and Soufian and Sanae watched from a safe distance until the doors were opened and the sweets came out. Really funny to see this. Normally Soufian is the first to do things but seemed a bit shy now

They had great fun until Chadi heard the fireworks and really panicked..he can not cope with loud unexpected noises. So that was the end of it and we headed home.

It was nice to see them having so much fun at their first halloween out and about although hopefully Chadi overcomes his fear for fireworks next year. And maybe by that time Dounya will trot along too!!!!!!

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