Friday, 19 December 2008

surgery 29 december

still not able to see Dounya because Sanae is not well. This morning she crept next to me in bed and vomitted early in the morning I was busy changing the sheets and comforting her. My eyes were still closed and when I got back in bed I fell asleep straight away and woke up at 8.15 AM!!! AArghhh and the boys are suposed to leave for school at 8.40!!so I rushed downstairs finding my dear Soufian had made bread for him and Chadi and eaten it already!!wonderful boy!! so after washing them, brushing their teeth and getting dressed they were ready in time.Phoned the GP and I will go with Sanae this afternoon...she is sick too long now and nothing seems to help.
Phoned the ward and Dounya is still doing well, being bottle fed and no tube yet!!I miss her lots and I realy hope I can see her this weekend again. Yesterday I spoke to the CLN and the surgery will most likely not be next week.The secretary of the surgeon had told her there was an other baby in need of an emergency operation and the date for Dounya will be 29th of december. Today there will be a meeting between surgeon, consultants and the CLN so I will know more hopefully this afternoon.Waiting...I will be grey at the end of all this!!!

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