Saturday, 29 November 2008

Not again.....Dounya back in hospital....

I am not happy. Not happy at all although I know it is for the best. Dounya has been admitted again in Craigavon hospital because she started to mess again with her feeding. First I thought it was because of the Duocal and she needed to just get used to it but when she started to cough, being more sleepy and more breathless I thought it was better to phone the ward straight away..The doctor I spoke to told me to come over and after they checked her they decided to take her in again.Was being told off by one the nurses that I should not phone the ward straight away but first go to the GP or A&E. Got angry because that is not what the doctors told me before...If anything contact us directly!!She did not think Dounya was severe enough to have open access....well let's not repeat what I thought but I think my look said a thousand words...WHY o WHY is everybody in there contradicting themselves????
Anyway when I drove home tonight I just couldn't stop crying which wasn't very handy because of the fog outside and this mixed with my tears turned everything in a blur. I think it is just frustration ,exhaustion( haven't had a proper nights sleep in a long long time) and the worries I have these last months.
I need a break but I know I can't just yet.

It is though sometimes being a heart mum.


Awesome Mom said...

Hang in there!! The first few years are the hardest, the first year being especially hard (at least it was for me). Once the surgeries happen then more growth happens and your child will start to thrive.

Anonymous said...

ya those nurses can be such a bore. believe me they also do that to me but the doctors sing a different tune.