Friday, 28 November 2008

Duocal and no app. in local hospital

Dounya has started with DUOCAL which I have to add to every feed. Hopefully that helps her to gain another kilo before surgery and reach the target of 5 kilograms.When I was at the dietitian my ''friend'' the paediatrician passed us by and had a chat with me about Dounya. I told him what they told me in the Clark Clinic and he thought it was not necessary to see Dounya before surgery anymore, to avoid her coming to the hospital with the risk off getting a bug. Unless ofcourse there is something wrong but fingers crossed that will not be the case!!

I insert a link to sign a petition for media awareness of CHD..pass it on after you have signed yourself ofcourse!!

Online petition - Media Awareness for CHD ( Congenital Heart Defects )

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