Friday, 7 November 2008

I used to love autumn...The colors of nature that change, breezy and rainy days when it is lovely to be home and make it nice and cosy in the house. But this year I am looking at it differently.

It is not about cosiness but of those nasty bugs that are floating around which I want to avoid so desperately for Dounya. A hard task when my two boys easily can take something home from school. The whole family has been sick this last month,Chadi even twice, and I really hope that's the end of it for this year. We can't protect Dounya from everything and if she did not have a heart defect I wouldn't worry so much, but now I do.

This morning I phoned the cardiac liaison nurse to see if Dr. Craig had studied Dounya's heart scan like he said he would do and maybe talk to the surgeon.

It seems that they have had a meeting this very morning and that I will probably get an appointment with him on the 25th of November. The surgeon, Dr. Glaston will inform us then about what he is going to do and what we can expect before and after the surgery.

The CLN also would contact Craigavon hospital today to discuss Dounya's poor weight gaining and maybe get her milk changed.

We need to get her as strong as possible when the day comes for her surgery so I don't care what milk she will be on as long as it helps her gaining weight and growing.

The mail brought me today the book from Heartline which I had ordered, ''heart children a practical handbook for parents''. It is really good, explaining the main congenital heart diseases, diagnoses and tests, treatments,etc. Very useful and apart from Dounya's CHD I know a bit more about the conditions that the other children from Heartline have and what it means.

Shocking there are so many defects that may occur and before I had Dounya I never knew about them!!!

never too old to learn

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Awesome Mom said...

I too did not know too much about heart defects before I had Evan. It is quite the eye opener especially since it is the most common birth defect. I hope you hear some news soon. It is always hard to wait for doctors to get back to you.