Tuesday, 4 November 2008

cardiac appointment

Today Dounya and me had to travel to Belfast again for her monthly cardiac appointment. We had to be there at 9.30 a.m. and considering the traffic jams at that time and finding a parking space I decided to leave at 8.15 a.m. Normally the drive will take me about 20 min but now it took me more than an hour so I was still too late. I will not repeat the curses I have said but I am sure you can imagine them...

Anyway, Dounya has been weighed again and she gained 80 grams which is not much. She had gained the same last week but at that time was happy with it because of her chest infection and not drinking well. But today I was disappointed. I really hoped she would have gained a bit more.

They did a scan of her heart as well but Dr. Craig wants to study that a bit further to see how the pressure is between the 2 lower chambers and speak to the cardiac surgeon about a possible date for her surgery. Which I am happy about on side because then we will know when it will be but I am terrified as well.....

Her medication is increased a bit in relation to her current weight and if in a months time her weight gaining is still poorly he wants to add extra calories to her Infantrini milk. So there you have it..I am not really happy about the results and I am worrying a lot since the appointment.

If you look at her she seems content enough and she is showering us with her sweet smiles but I know she is struggling more with her feeds. This afternoon when I fed her she was a bit blue around her mouth and she never had that before so the signs are there that it is getting harder for her.

I need to think positive so I will keep trying to do that, but today I allow myself to be a little bit sad.... wishing she would not have to go through all this.


Rhys's Story said...

Sorry to hear Dounya is struggling with her feeds, stay strong
Luv Tracy xxx

Posh Totty said...

Fingers crossed she is able to gain a bit more weight before he next appointment Xx