Monday, 2 March 2009

wow how the time flies by...I really try to keep this blog up to date but somehow the days have not enough hours to do everything I want.....yep that is having four little children who all wants their attention!!
Last Saturday the 21st of February our Chadi turned 6...another example of how the time seems to pass so so baby is not a baby anymore but a little man. he is doing very well, although sometimes he can still be quite difficult in his behaviour. He is learning every day and I definitely see progress. He goes now twice a week to an after school playgroup to get him to interact more with other children in a different environment. At first he loved it, then he did not go for a week because he was not well. So the routine got broken and he refused a couple of times to go but today he was eager to go ...a good sign!
Dounya is wonderful and a picture of health so far as I can see. Tomorrow she will be weighed again but I do not worry about that anymore, oh joy!! So things are going well here.
I miss Holland sometimes even though I consider here home now. But I miss sometimes stupid tings like bicycles everywhere, the Dutch frankness, chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and Dutch cheese!!!haven't been back since we moved here so it might be time I think!!

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