Friday, 30 January 2009

me and my girl

It is amazing how Dounya looks like me ...if I would put a picture of me and Dounya you would not know who is who I think. Unfortunately all my baby photos are still in Holland with my dad but I will ask him to send me some so I can show you in time what I mean. Friends who knew me when i was little noticed this too. She is the darkest of the bunch and has my dark nearly black eyes. And after all we have been through together I feel like we have an unbreakable bond.But it's strange how things have turned around so more worries, hospital visits/stays, no problems with feeding and weight gaining.We finally have gone back to the normal family routine!! I am feeling so energetic now that I am planning to start a study again soon. I have always worked before and studied but these last years everything got on a hold with us moving here and having Dounya. Next month I will go to an open day about a BA (hon) in Humanities to see if that is something for me...yes I like to stay busy LOL!
Everything is going so well with Dounya...she was recently weighed again and is now 13lb75 which is 6120 grams. Clothes were she could swim in before are fitting now and she is full of energy.
I am still waiting for her first cardiac app.and I have everything crossed that her heart looks\great and is working well. It seems to be.. but I want to see it as well!!

Dounya's story is added on this website:

And don't forget CHD awareness week 7-14 February!!

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