Monday, 19 January 2009

doing great

Dounya had to go to Craigavon hospital today to check her salt level in her blood. When she was discharged it was a bit low and she needed to take a supplement twice a day. Last week I could reduce the dose a bit and today we needed to see if it was alright.What every doctor who takes a blood sample finds incredible is the fact that she doesn't blink an eye when they put the needle in her....she even smiles!!!???I hate needles and when I was younger I cried my eyes out, but not Dounya!!Anyway the sample was good so we can stop the supplement as well. There were 3 medical students who were interested in Dounya's story and asked if they could ask me things and have a listen to her heart. Of course I encourage that and Dounya wasn't bothered either, she welcomed them with huge smiles and 'googragroo' sounds.

Feeding wise she is doing brilliant too. The bottle alone is not enough for her so I started to spoon feed her and she loves it....alongside about 6 bottles of 130 ml!!

You see her grow and enjoying everything...feeding , playing watching her siblings fighting/ is like she wants to make up for all the months life was just a struggle.

Right now she is lying next to me blowing raspberries with a cheeky look in her eyes... we are all so happy to see her like this !!

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