Friday, 26 December 2008


How shall I describe my feelings about this Christmas?? It is a mixture of great happiness and sadness

Dounya was doing so well last week that Dr. Craig was happy enough to let her come home for Christmas. Great news, and I was really counting the days to Christmas eve,so excited to pick her up from hospital. In the morning I phoned the ward to see what time I could come. The nurse told me that it was not sure yet that she could come home because she was having troubles with feeding again and the nurses had put down the tube the night before. Also her temperature was a bit high...we agreed that I would phone again after a couple of hours to see how things went.When I put the phone down I couldn't help myself and the tears just started flowing...I was so looking forward to have her home, after the nearly 1 month she has been in hospital. But if she was not well it would of course be better to let her in hospital....
When I phoned back the sun started to shine a bit when the nurse told me that she had had a good feed and she was waiting for the doctor to see her and check her over. Whenever there was news she would phone me back...When she did I was overjoyed as she told me that Dounya got the approval to go home. I did not know how fast I got myself in Belfast!!
Everybody was waiting for us when we returned..the other kids where so excited ...Dounya eyes and head didn't stop turning from one to the other!!After the calmness in hospital this was definitely a different environment!!! NOISY !!!
Christmas day was wonderful...the whole family complete!!I just kept clicking the camera...feeling so grateful that we had the chance to have her home at this special time of the year. But in the evening, when my other children were in bed the thought hit me that we nearly had to bring her back again and surgery is now just a matter of days..
Today it was just a sad day for me...I did not want to show it but Jamal caught me several times with tears and tried to get me smiling again. It is just so hard to bring her back again...we all missed her so much at home!!! So I am weepy the whole time...again...When we came home I brought all her Christmas pressies upstairs and her wee chair and yep..there I went I try now to write it of me on this blog, knowing that the worst is still to come..another 2 days and then it will be surgery day....Please God, let it go well so we can have our little girl home again soon.

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Rhys's Story said...

Feeling for you sweetheart,,,, will be here for you if and when you need me xxxxx