Wednesday, 12 November 2008

No added calories ...more likely she has to be NG tube fed...that is the news I got today.

I was up at Craigavon hospital because Dounya needs to get an extra vaccination every month until February to prevent her from getting bronchilitis, the so called RVS injection.Within 10 minutes it was over and done with.
Being there already I thought to pass by the dietitian because I did not hear anything back since yesterday. The dietitian I spoke to told me her colleague would call me this afternoon when she got in. And indeed she did. After she had inquired about Dounya's feeding routine and amounts she took she decided she would discuss it with the paediatrician.
I asked her if there would be added calories but she she said she did not think that would help much and she was thinking more of tube feeding so I can top her up.Quite a shock ..I did not expect that one!!
But she said it is necessary that she will gain a good weight before the surgery because otherwise they can not do it. Of course I understand that and I just want what is best for Dounya. I really have the feeling that the operation will be some time soon but it is frustrating I am not sure about it.
Any way she would get back to me today or tomorrow. Well she did not get back to me but a paediatrician who (among others) took care of Dounya when she was admitted in hospital. He told me Dr. Quinn was not there but had asked him to check Dounya over to see if it was not an other failure we are facing !!!Another I missing something here???what failure, apart from her poor weight gaining she seems to be fine...or is she????So tomorrow at 1.30 I have to be on the ward were she was before to see this doctor.
I AM SO WORRIED!!!! But it does not help to get myself panicking so I wil just try to not think about it too much. Just hope for the best.

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